miscellaneous outputs

Portfolio Header -  Misc Outputs

Misc Header -  brochureOther Works - Brochure

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Misc Header -  certificates

Other Works - Certificates1

Other Works - Certificates2

Other Works - Certificates3

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Misc Header - PPT templates

Other Works - PPT Templates1

Other Works - PPT Templates2

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Misc Header -  IDs

Other Works - Identification Cards1

Other Works - Identification Cards2

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Misc Header - shirt designs

Other Works - Shirt Designs

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Misc Header -  photomanipulation

Other Works - Photomanipulation

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Misc Header -  dengue campaign materials

Other Works - Campaign Materials1

Other Works - Campaign Materials2 smaller with details

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Misc Header -  exhibit materials

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit1

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit2

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit3

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit4

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit5

Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit6 Other Works - Hildegarde Exhibit7

Divider 2

Misc Header -  prototype poster

Other Works - Prototype Poster

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Misc Header -  conceptual photography

Other Works - Conceptual Photography1

Other Works - Conceptual Photography2

Other Works - Conceptual Photography3

Other Works - Conceptual Photography4

Other Works - Conceptual Photography5




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