Full Name: Mendoza, Patricia Ann
Nickname: Trixie, Tricia, Patty, Pat
Cyber Display Name: Xieann, Nymphetrix
Age: 20-something
Location: Ermita, Manila Philippines
Religion: Roman Catholic

Petite | Sings, Dances and Acts | Interested in Designing| A Movie Buff | Creative and Well-determined | Emotional and Passionate | A Jesus Freak | a Scorpio sign | Has a Passion for Service and Social Transformation

NYMPHETRIX /nim-fet-rix/
I know my name is quite common, “Patty Mendoza” as I am best known by many. So I tried to come up with something different, yet closely associated with who I really am.

Conjunction of 2 words: NYMPHET and TRIX

First Word: NYMPHET
1. A young nymph (a nature goddess usually depicted as a beautiful maiden).
2. A voluptuously beautiful and desirable young woman.
Be your own kind of beautiful: I’m quite amused with nymphs or nymphets, not just because they’re depicted as beautiful maidens, but with how these mythical creatures are said to protect the world and its environment. Nevertheless, they are the guardians that defend the things that matter on earth.

Second Word: TRIX
1. Shortened nickname for TRIXIE
Ang aking palayaw: I am often called as PATTY or PAT by my friends, but at home, I am most fond of the name TRIXIE (Even I wonder, why I don’t seem to give attention to other people who calls me TRIX or TRIXIE, unless they’re my family or relatives). Better yet, I want to share this with you, since it is a nickname given by the people whom I find closest in my life.



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