The Leap of Faith I Took

Are you afraid of the dark? I’m not. I’m just afraid of what’s IN the dark – and it’s pretty much the same thing that I’m afraid of when it comes to “taking a leap of faith,” I’m not afraid of taking it; but I’m afraid to find out where and how I’ll land.

Recently, I conquered this fear and did what Nike wants everyone to do – to JUST DO IT! And you know where this “leaping” got me to? To the world of Advertising. Yes, the Lord has blessed me with a new opportunity! After facing a few months of “bumness,” and the ever-so challenging job search, the Lord took me to Havas Media Ortega (HVMO) to work as a super-intern where I will be working closely with the CEO of the company itself, Mr. Joselito Ortega, or simply, Sir Jos. 🙂 (You may want to check out his linkedin profile, to see how awesome this man is!)


You might also be wondering, what got me interested with the position? It’s not the same thing as being employed or getting a permanent position in a company, right? I knew that, but it’s still a part of the “taking the leap of faith” process. What I’m looking forward to with this experience is to learn more about advertising and its industry. I took a major in Mass Communication with a minor in Development Communication. I know a little background on advertising since I had a course subject called “Principles of Advertising and Public Relations” back when I was a sophomore (A shoutout to my advertising prof: Hi! Sir Gabs –a.k.a my dearest Lolo Gabs, hihi). But compared to my other batchmates and friends who took Advertising as their minor, I know too little about this field. –And that’s what’s so amazing about this opportunity; the CEO of HVMO will be my mentor during this internship and I’ll be exposed to a lot of new things!

But wanna know what really made me fall in love with this opportunity? As a Scholastican and a Development Communication graduate, I fell in love with HVMO’s commitment in creating deeper and meaningful brands and campaigns that brings across messages that empowers the lives of many people! I admire that HVMO advocates generating responsible and meaningful branding, which I believe can benefit our society and environment (and of course, our country’s economic growth).

Watch these videos to get a better understanding on what I mean by this whole “meaningful brands” thing.

An Introduction to Meaningful Brands from Havas Media (English)

Havas Media Group – Being a Meaningful Brand in 2013

It was such a great match with my academic background, my own personal advocacies, as well as my Alma Mater’s vision and philosophies for social justice, ecological harmony and gender fairness! –knowing all these things made me so excited that it even brought back life to the butterflies that I usually work with when I get all excited and nervous at the same time.

Everything else sounds so exciting and wonderful right? And this opportunity was another reminder from the Lord, that He will always have greater things in store for me! I just have to take that leap of faith and trust that He will lead me towards my dreams.

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