3 Lessons that the Lord Wants Me to Learn When Chasing My Dreams

With regards to the “The Leap of Faith I Took,” ‎I knew that the Lord was up to something –He wants me to learn a few things, especially when it comes to chasing my dreams:


Upon seeing Sir Jos’ post regarding his invitation for the internship opportunity, I felt hesitant to send in my application. I was contemplating deeply if I should send in my resume and apply for an internship instead of a real job. I’ve thought of it long enough and decided to send in my resume a day before the deadline, even if I already saw his post 3 days earlier before the due date that was stated.

I felt an intense nervousness upon clicking the “send” button. Why? Because in one of Sir Jos’ notes, he instructed to email him a resume in a form you think will interest him! I even saw one of his comments where he said that he was impressed with someone’s infographic resume! Kabang-kaba ako sa resume na ipapasa ko. Baka hindi siya ma-impress sa gawa ko tulad ng sa iba. But I think it was the Lord who gave me courage to trust the effort and hard work I’ve put into creating my very own creative resume. –And that would be the first lesson He wanted me to learn: DO NOT HESITATE. Show others what God allowed you to create. It won’t matter if you’ll please them or capture their interest with what you’ve done; but what truly matters is you’ve shown them that you have the guts to share your work because you believe that it was God’s work done through you. But more than that, I guess He also wanted me to realize that I also have to trust where I put my hard work and effort into, ‘coz you’ll never know where it can take you.


This one would be one of the toughest lessons I have to learn: to TAKE RISKS. You see, this internship has no assurance that it will land me on a permanent job with the company (just so this is clear). This was carefully explained to me because it would also mean that I have to give up any job opportunities for the next 3 months since I have to work full-time with Sir Jos. But that’s the way it is, the Lord will only let you grab an opportunity, if only you let go of something else that you’re closely holding on to… and for me, that would be my applications in the non-government organizations (NGOs) and a couple of government offices that I was hoping to get into.

I think what the Lord wants me to understand here is the concept of Faith and Trust. To have faith in Him and to trust His promise that: Epiphany 3:20–So just take the risk and leave everything else that you’re uncertain of to the Lord! Trust His plans for you.


dreams-dont-work-unless-you-doI believe that this doesn’t really need an explanation. But just so you’ll get an idea to where I got this realization, let me share you one of the questions that Sir Jos asked me during our skype interview –“What is it that you plan for your future?”– A question that always makes me think of what I really want to do NOW that will prepare me for the future? 

Diagram - Dream Job

Finding yourself asking this same question (as you try to contemplate and look for that “spot” in your life where all the things that matter to you simply unite with the other) will make everything else seem logical and reasonable. Until then, you’ll discover what is it that you really want in the long run.

I knew that this was another thing that the Lord wanted me to learn through this experience. Realizing what I ultimately want for myself made me understand what my dreams are  –and the Lord allowed me to discover this for myself so that I know what is it that I have to work on and for me not to lose track in chasing my dreams!

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