Keeping Yourself Inspired to be Creative

People have been asking me, “How do you keep yourself creative?” Well, that’s easy. I just refuel my creative juices and keep myself inspired. How do I do it? Simple. Draw ideas from existing designs and artworks. I don’t mean that you should copy them! But it’s a matter of taking the existing idea and then putting in your own to create something of your own.

Where’s the sense of originality in that, you ask? Well, for me, it’s in the “putting-your-own-idea” part. That’s where your originality will be. At some point you will have that special kind of epiphany upon drawing out inspiration from others’ works. I really just can’t put into words how to describe it, but I do hope you know what I’m talking about. 😛

Anyway, here are two of the most amazing sites that I usually browse to, whenever I get hungry for creativity; thought I could share it with you: 🙂

1)      DEMILKED

Demilked is a design milking magazine that showcases the world’s most creative products, design ideas and inspirational artworks. Arts and Designs varying from architecture, advertising, industrial design, interior design, graphic design and photography are all featured in this site. Demilked is sure to quench your thirst and provide you a nutritious dose of creative juices that will surely hype you up and provide you a healthy mind for creativity. And yes, this is safe for the lactose intolerant! 😉Demilked Screencap



Creative Bloq would be one of the best sites on my list that surely provides me with every creative resource there is to need! (If you’re an art-freak and you love designing —just like me, I strongly recommend this site). Apart from the design tips and inspiration that it provides, you may also look in its variety of arts and design categories such as: 3D, graphic design, illustration, web design, animation and a whole lot more! There’s a whole lot of things to discover and learn from here! It also features different people and their works that will blow you away and make you think out of the box! It has great informative articles that will provide you with awesome ideas, helpful design tips and even resources (especially the free downloadable ones)! Now how great is that?

Creative Bloq Screencap

Creative Bloq - Main

Creative Bloq - Free

So what are you waiting for? Running out of creative juices? Or just simply craving for inspiration? Browse on their sites and may you be inspired, empowered and be MORE creative!

P.S. Did you like this kind of post? Send me message or drop in a comment in the comment box, and I might share more of this kind of entries! 😀 Hope to hear from you! 😉

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