Aspiring for the Greatest Generation

One of the hottest scandals blown in the faces of the Fiipinos as of this year is the Janet Napoles’ PDAF Scam (or a.ka. Pork Barrel Scam). And since this is a very mainstream issue, I won’t be sharing too much information on this since I know that this has been and still is trending in almost every social media platform (and If you’re interested to know what this news is all about, or just plainly interested to know MORE about this issue, go ahead and google it! It won’t be difficult for you to search). To add more to that, this issue has been like a teleserye-ish news type of report, where in everyday, the Napoles PDAF Scam is a must-see newscast! As this exhilarating scandal unfolds despicably before the eyes of all the Filipino people, the daily newscast is a story that you’ll definitely be hungry to hear more about.

In almost every social networking site, I hear the cries and sentiments of the Filipino people through their comments, statuses, tweets, blogs… –You name it! And I have to say that a lot of people wishes all the worst for Madam Napoles. I know this for certain, because I, too, share the same feeling. I know that it’s a sin to think evil of others, but whenever I ponder on what great damage she has done to the lives of many Filipinos, especially the poor; I just can’t help but feel every negative emotion there is to feel for her!

Apart from this detrimental scandal, more mind-blowing revelations of how corrupt and dirty the Philippine politics… no, scrap that –the Filipino politicians really are! And I must say that each revelation is like watching Every. Single. One. Of your favorite character die in the series, Game of Thrones –Shocking. Depressing. And truly Heartbreakingshocking, depressing and heartbreaking

As someone who has a background on development and social responsibility, I can’t help but feel very sorry for our Motherland. There are so many issues and problems to address, yet here we are hearing the sad truth about our leaders –the leaders whom we voted and entrusted our lives to.Crying Motherland

As much as possible, I never really want to sound negative in any of my entries here. As you may notice, I always make it a point that my readers will feel positive emotions and think of the many blessings they have after reading my posts. So just like any other entries I have, I will end this on a very positive note. With this, I hope to invoke faith and nationalism in your hearts and believe that there is still hope for our country.

So let me leave you a quote by one of the speakers I have come to admire during one of the events I have assisted in organizing back when I was still in college. I hope that the Filipino Youth will be able to draw inspiration on this and be empowered just as I have been:

The Greatest Generation

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