Learning Vector

I’ve been wanting to try vector art, and finally, I had the guts and patience to make one. So here is what I created –MY VERY FIRST VECTOR ART, EVER! Vectored PAMSAUL

I know, it looks flat as it lacks depth. But I’m still learning how to make a more realistic vector art by adding in highlights and shadows on my output. Vectored and OriginalLive Trace - Zoom

I did this vector art in Adobe Photoshop (Ps), but based from what I was told, it’s better to use Adobe Illustrator (Ai) in this kind of artworks. Aside from Ai is easier to use when illustrating vectors, I think it’s also because Photoshop rendered images are pixel-based while images that are rendered in Illustrator aren’t. Meaning: like when you zoom in your images in Ps, you can see boxes that make up your image. Unlike in Ai, where in if you zoom in on your image, it’ll give you smoother and finer details.

Zoom in Preview

So what I did here is called tracing. It’s where you trace the details of a photo using the pen tool and then adding in strokes to the path you just made in order to create bold lines and curves. After doing so, I did the coloring which I find quite fun, yet very tricky.


Note: The file size of the .gif image above is quite large. If it doesn’t work click here. It might take some time to load though. 😛 Hope your internet speed is fast. *fingers crossed*

If you’re planning to learn vector art, I really think that tracing is a great beginner’s platform. It’s also the perfect technique if you’re the kind of person who really can’t draw good illustrations using your computer (like me, haha). But worry not, anything can be learned, and there will always be room for improvements! As I’ve said, this technique is perfect for BEGINNERS, so you can work your way up to that. 🙂the pen tool

Another thing, MAKE THE PEN TOOL YOUR BEST FRIEND. There’s nothing handier than being able to master the pen tool to create smoother lines and curves. It’s a bit tricky at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll finally see what this baby can really do for you!

Practicing on tracing enhances your skill in using the pen tool. Soon enough, when you’re more comfortable using it, you may be able to draw your own illustrations. 🙂

But as for me, I’ll stick with practicing on tracing first. I really have to work on making the pen tool my best friend. 😛 The next thing on my list would be learning how to create depths on my images to add a more realistic-feel to it. 😛 But for the mean time, let me share what I created for my second attempt on vector art. Patty Vector - MassComm PS

P.S. Creating this made me miss college. It brought memories of my busy-and-super-hectic kayod-kalabaw MassComm Student Life. 🙂

But so much for that, let’s just keep on practicing to improve more skills that will create more wonderful art! 😉

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