Better Things

Romans 1513

The Lord promises better things ahead of us each and every day. When the God of hope is your God, better things are always just ahead.

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What I'm going through - header

Lately, I have been experiencing depressions, especially when I think of my career. It has already been 3 months since I have graduated but I still had no job offers. Hanggang kalian ako magiging ganito? Kinakabahan ako. As of the moment, I am still doing interviews and exploring my options.

As expected, darating ang panahon na si mama ay ipepressure ako dahil hanggang ngayon ay bum pa rin ako. “Hanggang pasukan ba, ganyan ka na lang?” she tells me. And being the emotional me, I assured her that I WILL SOON HAVE A JOB. Siguro iniisip nya kung how soon is “soon” nga kaya? But I think she just let the topic go, kasi alam nya rin kung gaano kahirap ang maghanap ng trabaho.

I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on what I am going through now, and I realized my own perspective in my quest for a job: I consider so many things (in no particular order).

  • Location: I wanted it somewhere accessible and near our place. Para hindi rin lugi sa pamasahe, at hindi hassle umuwi lalo na pag tag-ulan na.
  • Compensation: I want a job that will give me the right offer of what I am worth, kahit na ba fresh graduate pa lang ako. But more than that, I need to support my family financially kasi (I am not asking for too much, but I want a compensation that will commensurate to what I have to offer).
  • Benefits: I’m looking for a job with great perks. Hindi ko naman gusto yung wala akong overtime pay.
  • Job itself: I want a job that I love (or will learn to love). A job that will not make me realize at some point na ayaw ko pala ng ginagawa ko. Hindi ka naman kasi pwedeng basta-basta mag-quit sa work if you someday realized that you don’t like what you’re doing (isa pa, pangit yun sa resume… yung nagjojob-hopping kung baga). I’m looking for something that will not burn me out easily, but it is something (or has something) that I will definitely be very passionate about working.
  • Foundation: Hopefully, it is in my field of career choice. I do have a long-term goal too, and sana yung makuha kong work is where I can get a lot of relevant experiences!

I am still currently on a job search; until I finally came by this non-profit organization (NPO) that made me tell myself “I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANNA WORK THERE!” And right now, I’m constantly praying to the Lord that He may grant me my desire to work in that NPO. I have recently sent in my CV and Cover Letter in their organization and hopefully I will soon be contacted for an interview… and hopefully a job offer. 🙂

Unfortunately enough, lahat ng inaasahan kong gusto ko talagang work ay hindi pa rin ako inoofferan ng interview. 😦 But I’m still keeping my hopes up despite this situation. After all, I know that the Lord always have great plans for me, no doubt about it!

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Reflection - header
The Lord has great plans for me and I know that He has a lot in store for me. I believe that He will put me in a workplace that He best thinks will benefit a lot more people, far more than what I am expecting.

I praise God for letting me go through this tough time. Despite the depressions, fears, doubts, disappointments and frustrations I am going through right now, I am thankful for it for I know that He wants me to grow more in faith in Him! I know that the stronger my faith is, the more I will see God work in my life. I have learned that faith is like a muscle: if there is no resistance on it, it stays flabby and weak. It takes stress and strain to make our muscles strong; and so does faith. Faith really grows when it is tested by troubles and problems. Just like what I am going though right now.

God, who loves me have allowed this situation to come in my life and I know that He is going to use it for good somehow. I choose to trust Him and look at this difficult situation with anticipation and excitement!

James 46

            “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble” (James 4:6). And surely nothing humbles us like the problems and storms that we go through in life. When trouble comes, it always brings humility in it… and humility creates an environment for God to pour out His grace.

Psalm 3418            “The Lord is near the brokenhearted” (Psalm 34:18). Problems like these, remind us how we desperately need our God. We seek Him more earnestly when we are troubled. God has promised that we will find Him if we seek Him with all our heart. And so with this, I let Him take all my problems and put my complete trust that He will turn it around for good.

Remember that the greater difficulty you have, the greater opportunity for it is for Him to work mightily in your life!

Divider 1Prayer - header

**If you are going through (somewhat) the same circumstances as mine, you are most certainly welcome to share this same prayer with me. Hopefully, I humbly ask you if could also pray for my intentions. Thank you very much!**

My dearest loving Father, God! Here I am before You, telling You how much grateful I am to be where I am now. In awe, I praise You for all the wonderful things that You continually give me, even without me asking for them; and now I come to You, Father, to tell You how much I need You in my life. Yes, Father God, I need You! I am facing a lot of problems and pressures, at present, and I feel as if I am going under. 😦 I come to You, Father Almighty, because I am not able, but I know that YOU ARE ABLE TO DO ALL THINGS, my God! I ask of You to arise in my troubles as I surrender myself fully to You. I am ready to allow You to work mighty things in all aspects of my life, Father! You alone can calm the storms I am going through now: the pressures that I experience at home with regards to my career; my disappointments and frustrations especially during my quest in search for a job; my fears and doubts as I take another step towards my dreams. Today, I choose this day to trust to You; and I will look with expectation, thanksgiving, and joy at what You are going to do. I give You thanks for whatever it is that is about to happen for me; for You are worthy of my complete trust, dear God, regardless of all my present circumstances. You are the God who knows me, loves me, and promises to answer my every call. I know that you will grant my heart’s desires, far more than my highest prayers, thoughts, and hopes! Loving Father, I lift up everything else to You, and I know that You will definitely be there for me and with me all though out my troubles! I thank and praise You, Father God! Amen.

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Now, if you feel as if you have hit a downward slide in life at this point? Or perhaps, you feel that the best things in your life have already past? My dear friend, I tell you this: God promises better things ahead of you and He wants to use your life today to make a difference in the life of someone else.

Don’t fail to see today how your life can make a difference.

 God bless you! 🙂

You Do All Things Well by Tenth Avenue North

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