A GIF Guide To Procrastination

“Working with the butterflies” –that’s what I call it. It’s the butterflies you feel in your tummy whenever you feel pressured and then suddenly adrenaline rushes in… I get that every time. :>

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Ah, Procrastination

0 Procrastination We All Suffer

We are all susceptible!

It’s Friday Night And You’re Out Having A Blast

1 You're Out Having A Good Time

Not a care in the world. Just straight ballin’!

Suddenly You Remember That Huge Paper

2 You Suddenly Realize Something Is Due

Ohhhhh Shit.

But You’re Not Worried, Though

3 You'll Get To It Soon

It’s only seven pages.

When It’s Due In 6 Days There Is Still Plenty Of Time

4 Due In 6 Days

So, drink up!

Four Days Later And You Haven’t Even Created A New Document In Word



But Time Is Running Out


But you work best under pressure.

You Realize The Paper Is Due Tomorrow

5 Due In 2 Days

PANIC sets in.

How Are You Going To Finish!

7 Due Now:How Are You Going To Finish!

It’ll take a straight up miracle.

No Matter How Hard You Work, Nothing Makes Sense

11 Nothing Is Happening

Wait what am I SAYING? Are these even words?

Writer’s Block Sets In

13 Writers Block Sets In

Tears of pain.

The Clock Is Ticking

15 Freak Out

Maybe you can ask for an extension??

Because This Is Just Too Hard!

17 It Is Too hard

Why didn’t you major in…

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