The Lord is Smiling

Maja - YLSSAt the Cross“The Lord is smiling at you now.” These were the wonderful words of affirmation we received for doing a job well-done during the Youth Life in the Spirit Seminar (YLSS) #32!
Gospel ReadingPraise 01To the people I’ve worked with, it was a pleasure to serve the Lord with you. I feel blessed that I was able to work with you throughout the whole YLSS preparation and on the YLSS event itself. Praise God for His wonderful works through you!
WT 02
Andrew and KireiOne of the sweetest and loveliest couples I know in the community: Andrew and Kirei
TJI also commend the sharers who courageously shared their lives and how the Lord worked in; through; and with them. As always, the sharer’s stories would always struck and inspire me. Moreover, they made me more strengthened in faith as I relate to their sharing about God’s Love, New Life, and on Growth and Transformation.
I am also extremely happy for all the lambs who graduated this YLSS#32. May you grow more in faith and in love as you walk life through and with Jesus!
Candle 01Candle 02Candle 03
Special mention to my little sister, Czarie. Hee. 🙂 JIMLY!
YLSS Sisters
Lambs and Shepherds
I also feel so much blessed for the Lord allowed me to have more friends in the BLD community as I was able to serve Him for the very first time for this YLSS season. It was awesome serving the Lord with these great people! Congratulations to everyone who made this year’s YLSS possible!
PJPhoto Bum - China
Ianmaking melodiesWT 01Praise You, Father God, for all things (no matter how great or small) are possible through You!
Making Melodies for the King of Kings


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