Summertime Loving

Summer’s here and what better way to welcome this awesome season than by going out of town and enjoy the pleasure brought by the marvelous creations by our very own, Father God – and of course, together with a good company of your beloved friends.

Last Friday, April 5, I went to Club Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Batangas, together with my college friends from St. Scho.

Since I actually don’t want to blab so much in this blog entry (apart from I’m quite lost for words on how to make this sound as interesting as possible); instead, I just want the photos to speak for itself. After all, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” right? But nevertheless, I shall put short captions on it just so you guys would be able to appreciate more what I’ll be posting here. Enjoy! 😀

Area3The Club Punta Fuego. Here are some photos of the area, so you can have a glimpse of how the place looks like. 🙂

BeachStairways going to the beach. This was actually a “no entry area,” aside from the slippery steps, I think the beach wasn’t yet cleaned up. There were a lot of seaweeds by the shore… but being the rebels that we are, we still went there! HAHA!

Walk in the SandDahil pasaway talaga ang barkada namin! 😀
SandyI would like to thank Mel for this shot, btw. 🙂

Friends-BeachFrom left to right: 1) Bianca, Me, Tisha, Mel 2) Bianca, Me, Mel, Pat


Friends‘Coz this summer getaway won’t be that fun if it weren’t for these girls! 🙂
From left to right: 1) Bianca, Kla, Mel, Tisha, Iona, Juris, Peds, Nina, Me 2) Tisha, Me, Iona, Pat, Juris, Peds, Mel, Nina, Kla

Summer meThat’s me with the beautiful beach as my background, while the other photo was taken while I was in the infinity pool.
foodI shared this meal with Pat, since orders here are quite expensive for us. Lalo na sa mga katulad naming wala pang trabaho at wala pang sweldong pang-gastos. 😛 Others had their own shares with a friend too. 😉 And yes, the food here were so delicious, we had to hide our bellies after our meals ‘coz we were all bloated! HAHA!

paglubog ng arawsunsetAnd who would not love the view of the sunset in this resort? It was simply wonderful! 🙂

SummerSummer Me SoloThat’s just about it.

I know there wasn’t much in this post, compared to other travel blogs, but I just wanted to share the vacation experience I had through these photos and I hope you liked them, and perhaps I happened to entice you (even for a little bit) to visit the awesome beaches here in the Philippines.

Hopefully, I made you want to add this to your travel list. 😉


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