PAGBANGON: Mahirap, Pero Kailangan

**Another late post**

Written last: October 12, 2012

Scholasticans Support the Supreme Court:

             Let’s all admit it: the very first battle that everyone encounters each day is getting up every time we wake up –especially when you have to rise up and yet you have not had enough rest. Agree? Well, that was what I usually encounter every time I wake up too; and of course there’s a deep stress on the “not having enough rest” part.

Last Monday, September 24, I was made to wake up early to attend a flag ceremony. Nakakatamad nga naman kung iisipin mo. I have to attend a flag ceremony na hindi ko naman talaga gustong puntahan. Instead of sparing myself a little more time to sleep and to get some rest, I must force myself to get up early and attend this flag ceremony that we were asked to attend.

Although this was on my mind, my alter ego was still much stronger to encourage me to do what I must do –ano pa nga ba? Edi umattend ng flagceremony… but it wasn’t just a simple flag ceremony that I must attend, I thought to myself. It was a flag ceremony held at the Supreme Court, and of course for a purpose! Some people might actually overlook what this fuzz is all about, but as a Scholastican and a leader, I do know and appreciate the stand that our school wants to make. As a Scholastican Mass Communication student, we strongly advocate the value of justice and fairness; and this is just one of the movements that the Scholastican community took and initiated in order to show support to our country’s judiciary.

Just to cut the chase, I do feel overwhelmed that I was able to be part of this movement that our Scholastican Community took. Even though it was just a simple flag ceremony that we were asked to attend, it was a great feeling to be able to sing our National Anthem with full pride at that moment. As I stood there, offered a prayer and sang our National Anthem, I strongly asked the Lord’s guidance to lead our country’s judiciary to fully implement a firm justice system that will value equality and fairness, and social justice.

Indeed, that morning, no matter how tired I still was, I knew that I chose to get up for a better reason… and I guess that’s how life should be for us Filipinos –kahit gaano ka na kapagod sa systema ng bansa natin, di mo kailangang magpadala sa pagod at sumuko na lang. Kailangan mong bumangon, gawin ang tama, at huwag sumuko sa pag-asang baling araw ay aangat din tayo. It is all for the reason that giving up on our country is never an option.


Look, we got featured in the news! Here are some photos and news article. 😀

Article: Now, even junior justices absent at the SC flag rites by Ina Reformina (ABS-CBN News)

Photo:Scholasticans Support the Supreme Court


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