DJ Got Me Fallin’ In Love ♥

Last night’s event was pure solid fun! It was such an awesome experience. It was such a great honor to dance in our teacher’s awesome event, together with all the other awesome people who share the same passion for dancing (Okaaay, I used the word “awesome” too much here. LOL).

With Special Performances From:

  • Bellhaus Dancers
  • Unschooled
  • Next. Ep
  • Urban Elite
  • Limited Edition-Manila
  • Danz Edge
  • Hotlegs
  • Manoeuvers
  • Philippine Allstars
  • And Guest DJ: DJ Bigg Beats

with Nikka and Ate Isay

L-R: Addie, Nikka and Me 😀

L-R: Joanne, Me, Labb and Nikka

L-R: Anika, Nikka, Joanne and Moi :>

Ate Isay on Dance Battle 😀

Guys on Battle

Bringing it on the floor! 😀

Awesome Krumping Moves!

With Kuya Part ♥

With Ate Nesh ♥

“Everybody can dance –EVERYBODY. Dance is a language; a tool for communication. You just have to find it within yourself how to use it.” This was an inspiring thought by Lorenzo, ate Kel Parina’s friend, who shared a wonderful message for us, way back when Danz Edge was rehearsing for the dance concert (I Heart Dance 2).

I have learned that dancing is not just a talent or skill, but a tool given by God to be used as a form of language. Through dancing, we communicate using our bodies, where we channel our emotions and intellect. Just like any other foreign language, it has to be learned for us to use it.

For the past few months, I’ve been training with Danz Edge and I’ve been taking up dance classes from Part Cruz, Kel Parina and Nesh Janiola –All of them have different styles in dancing. I love learning from them. Just like in any other class, it is not easy learning. It is a process; a step-by-step procedure, that’s why practice is important.

L-R: Part Cruz, Kel Parina and Nesh Janiola

“Practice makes perfect, but nobody is perfect, so why practice?” This is a comic premise which I used to laugh at when I was in high school. Little do I know that there’s more to it than just a good laugh. In my opinion, dancing isn’t really about perfection, but still, practice makes one improve in one’s craft. Practice is important not to be perfect, but to enhance oneself.

One great thing that Ate Nesh have taught me is that we should not settle for less. Every dance class, I usually am reprimanded. I don’t take them as an insult, but as a kind act of love. Every teacher wants her student to learn and be at her best, and that’s what I see that she’s been doing. Although there are times that I thought I have given my best, for Ate Nesh, it still wasn’t enough and it pressures me to push myself to the limit –that’s when I realize that “hey, what I thought was my best, wasn’t really my ‘best’ just yet. ‘Coz I can still give and do more.” –at that point I realized that I still got a lot of room for improvements.

I’m thankful that God has given me the opportunity to learn this craft from this creative and talented people. I’m proud to say that I owe these people a lot, for whatever I can do now in dancing; and for inspiring me to do and learn more.

Take it from me, it really wasn’t easy. I had difficulties in learning how to dance, but I guess it all depends on your passion and willingness to learn.

I remembered telling my friend, Adel, how I used to go home late from rehearsals/trainings/dance classes, which sometimes even last up ‘til midnight, then I would have to go home really late, exhausted. And that’s the only time I could do my homeworks/assignments for school, then, the next day, I would have to go to school again, then rehearsals again, and so on… (Minsan pa I have to work in the school offices to assist as a scholarship grantee). I also told him how I love what I do, that’s why even if I’m stressed out; the exhaustion was all worth it because of my passion for it.

The next thing he replied, moved me. He said, “Buti ka pa, you never lose the passion. Ako (in track&field), minsan, I lose it. I just remind myself that I never got here effortlessly.” I then thought to myself, “Oo nga ‘no. I do nag most of the time. Nagrereklamo ako na nakakapagod, walang pera, walang time, masyadong busy, na ganito – na ganyan… but still, I attend trainings.” I guess this passion is like a fire, lumalakas; humihina (depending on your priority). What’s good about me is that, I never really let this fire be put out. So if you have a passion for something, it’s all up to you if you want that fire to be extinguished.

As for me, I too, didn’t get here effortlessly. The things we have, we earn it. 🙂 In dancing, we earn skills by practicing. So better practice, practice, practice. Nakakahiya mang aminin, but I really do suck in memorization and pick-up. My teacher would have to be very patient in letting me absorb the steps through several repetitions. As well as in turns –I suck in it BIGTIME. I find it difficult to find the right spot. 😛 But these weaknesses does not hold me down, instead they motivate me to learn. 😀

So before I end this, let me share this analogy I have realized:

Our life is like a dance. All of us are partying in this world. God is the DJ who plays the music, and just like in bars, you’ll never know what’ll the DJ play next; just like in life, we never really know what’ll happen next. Unpredictable. May mga tugtog na mahirap sabayan, may madali, may sakto lang… But it is up to you on how you’ll dance in this music that the DJ plays, minsan nakakapagod, minsan mahirap, minsan enjoy… And however you do it, make sure that you move your best, ‘coz you’ll never know when people are watching – so show them what you’ve got and INSPIRE THEM!


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