My Own Legend: Legend of the Scissors

So this semester, during our Lit2 class, we were asked to make our own legend based on things which we can see inside our bags. Mine happens to be.. Well… about scissors. HAHA! Don’t ask, I just can’t think of anything else better. LOL. Anyway, here’s what I made (and hope you enjoy. HAHA):

A long time ago, there were twins named, Narcissa and Oriana. Both of them were beautiful and sweet and as they both grow together, they learned how to rely on each other. They loved each other very much and they lived harmoniously together. But as soon as they reached their teenage years, things began to change. They began to fall in love: suitors, here and there. Well, what do you expect? Both of them were gifted with beauty. But one day, both of them fell in love with the same guy. This dude is the kind of guy that every girl would wish to have. Soon, they started to date this dude. Times had passed, but they didn’t realize that they were falling in love with the same guy. When they both found out about this, they let the guy (whom they both liked) decide and choose between the two of them. But the guy was indecisive and cannot choose between the twins. As a tendency, the twins got jealous with each other and started to fight. They continuously fought to win over the guy’s love, and because of that, even their families and friends were affected by their dispute. One afternoon, Narcissa planned to sew a dress to impress they dude she liked so much. When Oriana found out about this, she went raging to Narcissa and brutally fought with her. Of all the fights they’ve been, this was the worst of all and the most dangerous. God saw how they brutally hurt each other, and so He called the twins’ attention, and told them that if they do not change their attitude towards each other, He would have to punish them. But Narcissa and Oriana didn’t listen to God. They still continued hurting each other and so, God punished them. God said, “Both of you caused too much pain and sufferings not only to yourselves and to each other, but to your family and friends, as well! I will then punish you and you will forever be cut from all ties between them. I expected you to work together as sisters but you went against my will. Both of you will now be stuck together and without the other you will be useless, and whoever dared touch your deepest ends will get hurt.”

From then on, Narcissa and Oriana was called, “Scissors.”

–Okaaaay. So forgive my “kababawan.” This is just something I made up so that I can pass an assignment. HAHA! And yea, special thanks to my friend Nina Tambal who helped me making this story. I love you, Hany! ♥


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