My Scholarship Application Essay

I would like to share to you the essay I made for my scholarship application, here it goes:

“How the Megaworld Foundation Scholarship Grant will Help Me and My Family”

By: Mendoza, Patricia Ann Refran

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Ability is of little account without opportunity.” I believe is very applicable to those people who have great capabilities yet aren’t given opportunities to show how intelligent they are. Every person has his or her own abilities, skills and talents. These abilities are God-given gifts which should be nurtured and developed. In addition, these special intelligences can help a lot in the whole being of a person.

I, too, have abilities that have helped me become a better person. I love dancing, singing and acting and am very much interested in Photography, Music and Arts, which were skills developed during my high school. I actively participated in different school organizations and yet made it a point to get good and high grades. The different programs offered in my school helped me immensely to increase my potentials and skills and it would be such a great opportunity to have a home like my Alma Mater who would continue to enhance these capabilities and would still be able to broaden my knowledge in the things I’m interested with and the things that I can be good at, as well.

Today, as we all know, we’re facing a global financial crisis. And we, Filipinos can feel its effects. In watching the news, we can observe the massive job losses of the Filipino people.My family, being a part of this country, can honestly feel how hard it is to earn money nowadays and I believe that the support of the Megaworld Foundation Scholarship Grant would surely help us tremendously and we would sincerely appreciate the assistance offered by this association.

The opportunity to be one of the scholarship grantees would really be a great pleasure and experience for me and my family. To study, to accomplish my college course, to graduate and to do something I put my heart and soul into, would allow me to give and offer the same help to others. When the time finally comes that someone would need the same help, I would be more than willing to give them the same opportunity that this scholarship grant offered me.

So, then again, opportunity and abilities come hand in hand. One’s ability can be of great account when opportunity is there opening a new demand in one’s life so that he or she would become better than what he or she was before. Also, seeking opportunity nowadays is a very difficult task. So, let us bear in mind that when opportunity comes knocking at your door, grab it once and for all for you might not know when it’ll come again.


22 responses to “My Scholarship Application Essay

  1. Hi! Very inspiring essay! I’m planning to apply sa knilang scholarship, mahirap ba? ano ung mga steps or things na ginawa mo in applying? Thanks 😀

    • Nope. It was fine. Mine went well, even for the interview. I didn’t get the scholarship since I was “financially capable,” to quote their words. 🙂 So yea, there. 😛 I forgot na eh. It was about two years ago since I applied. But I remembered there were a lot of requirements needed, like documents and files like from the BIR, for your parent’s income taxes and the like… Then when I completed all the necessary requirements needed, I passed it in their office (personally). They called me after a few days and I was scheduled for an exam and interview. Then that’s it, they told me the result after and explained why. 😛

  2. hi! ano yung required grade para makuha yung scholarship na to? and maintaining grade? i hope ul answer. im planning to apply to this scholarship. thank you!

    • Honestly, I am not in the position to give any advice or information regarding the scholarship from Megaworld. I really don’t know what the maintaining grade is supposed to be since I didn’t get the scholarship myself. 😛 My apologies po ate. 🙂 I just posted my essay here just to share. 🙂

  3. Hello po! I just saw your blog. I’m a blogger din pala. HAHA Anyway, tanong ko lang kung kinailangan mo rin ng recommendation letter from your school and anong date nung nagpass ka ng requirements mo? 😀

    • Hi Kate! As I can recall, I didn’t need any recommendation letters from my high school Alma Mater. 😛 I really can’t remember when I passed my requirements ‘coz this was way back then. 😛 Graduating na ako and this was 4 years ago already. 🙂

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